Writers and Creators

Ideas, Thoughts, Music and Creativity Spread With Purpose


Artist and Founder

  • Emcee 100%
  • Sound Engineer 90%
  • Ghostwriter 70%
  • Social Marketing Promotion 80%
  • Website Writer 90%
J-Woods is the artist with a purpose. Skills include production, rapping, ghostwriting and a hard working ethic towards music promotion. This website is his brain child that came as an open space to explore music expansion and collaborate with like minded music heads. As a writer here, J-Woods adds depth to his music by providing a description of what goes into the life of an aspiring artist.
Lost Thought

Lost Thought

Digital Content Strategist

  • Content Strategy 100%
  • Writer 87%
  • Search Engine Optimization 85%
  • Social Media Marketing 70%
  • Beat Maker 85%
My name is Lost Thought and I am a digital content strategist. My major focus is on content creation and development. I have been working on music marketing since early 2007 and have created Hip Hop Distribution and WordPress For Musicians both focusing on artist development and Do It Yourself marketing. I have a passion for music creation and aiding artists in promoting their talent. In collaboration with J-Woods, the website was created to explore business ideas as well as becoming better entrepreneurs.

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