Hip Hop Distribution Case Study

The Challenge

To create an artist hub for J-Woods that will be on a limited budget as well as team members collaborating on different schedules. The main challenge will initially be consistency and testing. Reaching a larger audience with a small marketing team.

The Solution

Creative marketing will be the key. Through the power of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media promotion and creative planning. Main goal is to create unlimited reach that will acquire a bigger fanbase with our media expansion





Website Development


Social Promotion



Creation Of Hip Hop Distribution

Mobile Refresh

Hip Hop Distribution was created in 2007 to discuss tips and obstacles to running a digital label.  Along the way, online marketing proved nicely to generate free traffic to our music site by optimizing our sites and consistently marketing with a plan.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

If you are an artist who is blogging or just beginning, join us over at Hip Hop Distribution and read some articles about some digital strategies or marketing tips for promoting your website online.  Make sure to sign up to the email list to keep updated and keep receiving free tips. Feel free to leave your thoughts here via the contact form and let us know what is on your mind.

Extensive Demographic Studies

The goal of this project is to reach out to YOU. All feedback is read by us, and we love hearing from everyone. I encourage everyone to check out some music, explore the site and leave your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share any of our articles on your favorite sites.

  • Content Creation 90%
  • Website Traffic 70%
  • Social Connection 99%
  • Delegation 70%

Results Coming Soon

Online marketing for blogging musicians is our tagline and our way of life. As a creative, I thrive off of handling my own promotion and controlling my plans for future success. Trial and error is part of the new musician’s journey as independent labels have evolved. Let your music shine and create your own marketing strategy that suits your style of music and work ethic. The J-Woods project is personal for me as J-Woods is family as well as a talented artist that is genuine and business minded. Check out Hip Hop Distribution below.

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