Lost Thought is back and pleased to announce that J-Woods “No Flaws” mixtape has officially been released by Rowdoggs Entertainment and ready for listening. While talking with J-Woods he really mentioned how it was a long time coming and he really wanted to showcase what he has been working on these past couple of months.

“No Flaws” is a free downloadable mixtape that has 14 tracks that do a great job of displaying the versatility of this talented Inglewood emcee. Watch the tracks transition different moods and ease their way into the mind of J-Woods.


J-Woods-Rowdoggs – NO FLAWS

Thought provoking songs like “All For The Love” take you into the reasons why he chose music and how the battle is always going to be there, but success will come if the love is in it. Daily tests serve as a reminder. “Mind Made Up” is also a great track featuring K-Starr and O.G. Rome where each emcee reinforces their motivation where negativity will never hold back a determined mind. “Stranger From A Distance” is a favorite of mine because of the message and the flow of the bars is intense, watch for change in speeds and clarity that allow you to see the thoughts racing that catch you with his opening words ” wake up stop dreaming….”

“Unsigned Hype” comes at you with a lyrical fury. The bars are worth noting and versatility is easily apparent. Clowning metaphors and wordplay dominate this track. Songs like “She Bad” and “Problem” also give you more insight into J-Woods personality. Take a listen.

I highlighted a few tracks that stuck out to me but the whole mixtape has plenty to offer to a variety of tastes. Catchy hooks and bars cause random head nodders to appear.

Each track paints a picture and its up to you to determine your imagery. Each chat with J-Woods provides me with a clear motivation to stay dedicated to your craft. Dedication is a state of mind, and this emcee really lets you get a glimpse into a mind with peaks and valleys staring at success.

What To Do Next?

If you enjoy this mixtape I encourage you to download the mixtape above via the download button on the embedded player. Feel free to share, Tweet, Facebook Like, Google + and blog about it. We really appreciate every single listen and every comment is heard so let your voice be known. Let us know what is on your mind!


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